CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount
CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount
CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount
CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount
CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount
CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount


CHERRY MX2A switch Plate mount

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Dive into a world where mechanical brilliance meets innovation. CHERRY, synonymous with unparalleled precision and trust, presents the MX2A - our latest testament to evolving technology and engineering excellence. Rooted in the legacy of MX switches and elevated by modern advancements, the MX2A offers a tactile experience that's both profound and peerless. Embark on a journey with us as we unveil the enhancements that set the MX2A apart and discover why it is the new hallmark of mechanical switch performance. Your keyboard's future starts here.

Ring Lubrication on Socket Dome: The Silent Revolution

Experience tranquility at your fingertips

Driven by our unwavering pursuit of perfection, the MX2A introduces our high-precision ring lubrication, elevating the keyboard experience.

Precision Crafted

Our pin-point ring lubrication is applied directly onto the socket dome in the bottom housing through a meticulously developed automated process. This ensures every keystroke remains smooth and, most importantly, silent.

Performance Meets Longevity

Our specially formulated grease isn't just any lubricant. It's an oil-based, high-performance marvel crafted for low-friction and long-term applications. Each keypress will feel as good as the first, even after millions of actuations.

Community Endorsed

The performance of our lubricant mirrors the properties of the community-preferred Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0. Experience a switch that resonates with enthusiasts' and professionals' demands and expectations.Updated Spring Geometry: Precision in Every Press

Experience the art of actuation, refined

The MX2A is a testament to the power of evolution. With each keypress, feel the tangible difference of our reimagined spring design.

From Cylindric to Barrel

The transition from a cylindrical to barrel geometry in our spring design isn't just a change—it's a revolution. This innovative approach ensures each spring maintains its form, even under the pressure of rapid keystrokes.

Near-Contactless Movement

This modern design facilitates an almost contactless linear movement. The result? A keyboard experience that's notably smoother and free from the distractions of scratching.

Consistency is Key

Our commitment to excellence is further showcased through enhanced production processes. These ensure remarkably consistent spring force, eliminating wide tolerances and delivering a keystroke that feels uniform every single time.Updated Stem Geometry: Stability Meets Precision

Crafted for perfection, designed for you

Discover the evolution of the MX2A's stem design, a masterclass in the fusion of form and function, ensuring your keypresses are always stable and precise.

Crowning the Stem

Our innovative approach sees the stem getting a royal treatment, thanks to the addition of six meticulously engineered ribs, affectionately termed the "crown".

Centered for Precision

The crown isn't just ornamental. These ribs play a pivotal role in ensuring the spring is securely centered. The result? Every press offers a consistent feel and sound, significantly reducing wobble and elevating your typing or gaming experience to new heights.

Socket Dome Geometry: Elegance Meets Efficiency

Where cutting-edge design minimizes friction

Step into the world of the MX2A's enhanced socket design, crafted with the finesse of German engineering, ensuring your keypresses glide seamlessly without the distraction of scratchiness.

Radius for Robustness

Our reimagined geometry offers a convex dome in the bottom housing, perfectly tailored to improve sliding properties. The new design boasts aesthetics and supports the spring's centering, offering a sublime actuation feel.

Diamond's Touch

The socket dome isn't just about form; it brings function to the fore. Adorned with a diamond-polished surface, expect a super-smooth operation, keystroke after keystroke, elevating your typing journey to a realm of luxury.Glide Optimized Guidance Ribs: Precision Perfected

Delve deeper into the MX2A's seamless keypress dynamics

MX2A's newest guidance ribs offer a harmony of design and purpose, standing as a testament to our commitment to impeccable keypress precision and comfort.

Advanced Stem Guidance

Elevate your typing experience with our enhanced top housing, showcasing expertly engineered stem guidance ribs. Their innovative design drastically reduces the scratching sensation, ushering in a new era of smooth keystrokes.

Elegance in Every Stroke

It's not just about function; it's about feeling. These surfaces are adorned with meticulous diamond-polished treatment, ensuring every keypress is luxuriously smooth.Gold Cross Point Contact: Timeless Excellence in Every Actuation

Discover the enduring pinnacle of mechanical keyboard switch technology

In a world of rapid technological change, the Gold Cross Point Contact stands as an unyielding beacon of MX switch superiority, carrying a tradition of unmatched performance.

A Golden Standard

Experience the exclusivity of the only mechanical keyboard switch graced with genuine gold contacts. We ensure optimal electricity transmission with a substantial gold layer, setting the industry's gold standard quite literally.

Precision Meets Longevity

Through a meticulous 2-point welding process, our contacts are attached and integrated with robust resilience. This precision ensures a breathtakingly rapid debounce time of typically  less than 1 ms and a lifespan exceeding 100 million clicks for select switch types.

Primed for Peak Performance

With the Gold Cross Point Contact at its core, your MX switch is inherently designed for the future, effortlessly supporting high polling rates of 1 KHz and beyond.Experience the MX2A Evolution

Immerse yourself in the next chapter of mechanical brilliance with the MX2A. Harness the power of our industry-leading Gold Crosspoint Contact System, ensuring every keystroke is met with unrivaled precision. Delight in butter-smooth typing, enveloped by the harmony of optimized acoustics. This is more than just a switch; it's the pinnacle of MX performance. Elevate your tactile journey and join the movement to MX2A—where innovation meets excellence.